Poker Tips: How to play poker at your optimal level all the time

April 25th, 2012

A poker player’s life will involve a series of ups and downs. There will be nights that you will be on a roll and there will be times when you just can’t win a single game even with the best hands. Poker swings are inevitable even for the best players but you have two choices when having a bad beat. One, you can stay away from the game for a few days or weeks until you recover your bearing. Or two, stay away from the game and look into your poker game and see where you can improve. Let us focus on the second option and line up some poker tips for you:

Your poker life

Do you want to play poker and make it your game where you perform at your best levels during tournaments? Read on then.

Setting goals

Once you know what to do with your love of poker, you need to set your goals. Make sure that you make realistic, measurable, specific, and relevant poker goals.


Setting goals will not get you anywhere unless you act on them. Look at your list and determine what you need to do in order to achieve each of them.


Your body and your brain will function depending on what you feed it. So you have to look into your diet and see factors like the size of your meals, composition, or maybe the timing.

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Real Life Secrets to Winning a Poker Game

September 25th, 2010

p31 pokerYou read a lot of things online about how to gauge variance and make it work to your favor, how to deal when it’s least expected, how to bluff without gritting your teeth. For someone who’s been playing poker for quite some time, these formula strategies don’t really work, unless you can actually apply then in real life. Let me demonstrate.

Stalling: Killing time is the best strategy you can pull off during a poker game, especially if you’re not quite sure if you have a comparatively good hand. The best way for you to stall is to serve a diuretic on the table—coffee, soda, coconut juice, alcohol. Just don’t drink so much yourself.

Now, these other players are bound to get up to use the bathroom. Once they do, lock them in. Pretend it was an accident. If they do manage to get out, it would have been too late. You’d be more than a few steps ahead of winning the game.

Bad Beat: Rap to Vanilla Ice and beat box your way through the entire game. You’ll either annoy your opponents (just in case they were born before the 80s and they just think you’re weird), or they’ll get seizures because you’ve untapped a part of the 80s they so badly wanted to forget. Bad haircuts included. You’ll win by default. Your opponents have left the building.

Bluffing is the most vital skill in poker. Yesterday, I told a blonde that “It’s nine inches,” my interviewer, “I’m a professor at Harvard,” the landlady, “I’ll pay you next week,” and the mirror, “I’m an expert at poker.” Just in case you don’t get how this strategy works, yet, you haven’t actually read this article.

Unique Poker Playing Methods

September 2nd, 2010

What are the diverse methods of playing poker? If you want to be refined poker player reading this article will help. A poker player would adopt diverse methods while playing slack and taut poker games. Poker players try duping opponents by resorting to play in a conservative and they end up surprising the opponents by playing bluffs as well. Good poker players would avoid being repetitive.

King Jack Off Suit

King Jack Off Suit

While playing poker a player would implement a different strategy so that his moves are dynamic and not predictable. Winning money is easy when you are playing a loose poker game. A poker player should have the flair of breaking free from the perceptions that the players have developed about him.  A superior poker player should be able to surprise, shock and fool the opponents most of the times while playing at the poker table.

Players should master the art of ruthlessly punishing their opponents. You should not always penalize your opponents in the same round if you have an edge over them. Endurance is important and you should not be foolish by displaying your emotions by a sly smile or any facial indication would surely give away your game. Later, in the game you may at times realize that your advantage is no more present and you are safe as you did not indulge in extra bets. You should avoid playing too many hands as only ideal players to that. Your strategy should be tailored in such a way that it should fit all the games being played on the poker table.

Your strategy should keep changing while playing poker games. Tight poker games are very gainful as the profit comes from stealing on the flop and not much from stealing blinds. If you are playing against more than one opponent then you should check on the flop and observe the move and bets of the opponents. If they play then it would be wise of you to fold or else steal the pot from the fourth street exception being if an overcard falls. The right method should e used in the right situation.

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Phil Hellmuth 2.0… Or is it?

August 5th, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

One of the more enjoyable Phil Hellmuth blowups I’ve ever seen. Seriously, just beautiful. The beauty just gets enhanced because Mike “The Mouth” Matusow is at the table too.

I love you, Phil.

Tony G and his Nuts against Patrick and JJ

June 22nd, 2010

Let me just start by saying I really, really hate Tony G. I really do. He’s a moron and I wish I could get a license to kill him. However, in this hand – the poker Gods reward him for being a moronic idiot.

Patrik Antonius and John Juanda basically get forced into this hand.

YouTube Preview Image

Multiple Level Think in No Limit & Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘em Poker

April 2nd, 2010

playing-poker-from-your-lov-536x714Every time you join a poker table, it is crucial that you are able to rad situations and act appropriately to make most out of them. Understanding how one opponent plays his cards is very important to winning the game.

Having the skill of figuring out what cards the other players are holding can help you make profitable decisions. This all depends on the information that you gather while playing.

David Sklansky defined in his poker book the level of thinking of poker players:

Level 0 – I know nothing

This is the level where people who has no knowledge of the rules of the game try to play poker. Playing drunk and not knowing what you are doing also puts one in this level of thinking.
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Demidov vs. Juanda WSOPE ’08

March 22nd, 2010

This play is more in-depth than you think. Juanda’s 4bet pre-flop shows strength, his check on the turn is to show weakness – but his RIVER check is where he really shows weakness. KK wouldn’t check there, and the huge river bet looked… strange to John Juanda.

Sexy hand though. Sexy Russian too. ;-)

YouTube Preview Image

Antonio is NOT boring

February 10th, 2010

Now see, this is the way you’re supposed to talk to a hostess doing one of these sixty-seconds-to-be-cool vids: Antonio Esfandiari ladies and gentlemen!

YouTube Preview Image

Kathy Liebert is boring as shiiiiiiit

January 25th, 2010

She really is. Kathy Liebert (also known as PokerCat or PokerDinosaurWithCottonUndies) has sixty seconds to say anything remotely interesting… AND SHE FAILS!

Too bad, no spotlight for you, Dinogirl!

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Qualities of an aggressive player

December 9th, 2009

There is a mixed bag of poker games. The games include seven card stud, Omaha and Texas hold’em Poker and so on. Once you are aware with the vocabulary of poker you should move ahead and learn the different strategies used in poker. You should be cultured about all the variations that the game has to offer so that you can win in opposition to all odds.

There are diverse poker playing strategies. Some players play in a lose style while others and the paramount players are aggressive in their game plan and playing styles.

Most players and books would predict out the fact that the best poker players are aggressive poker players. They have a distinctive and exclusive style which results in dominating the poker table. Poker players should be able to play in miscellaneous styles which are dictated by the situation of the game.

Aggressive poker players tend to play in a very exceptional pattern and they interpret their opponents very well. An aggressive poker player would see through the strategies of beginners on the poker table. An aggressive player would play only if he has premium cards or else he would fold a game.

Few of the discrete traits of aggressive players is that they always to learn and continually enhance their playing skills. They do not resort to playing semi bluffs or bluffs and alter their playing strategy when the game demands it.

Aggressive players know when to crinkle a game which helps them from playing thoughtlessly. They imaginatively manage their existing bankroll and triumphant win pots with their self-motivated strategy and inimitable playing skills.

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