Poker Tips: How to play poker at your optimal level all the time

April 25th, 2012

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A poker player’s life will involve a series of ups and downs. There will be nights that you will be on a roll and there will be times when you just can’t win a single game even with the best hands. Poker swings are inevitable even for the best players but you have two choices when having a bad beat. One, you can stay away from the game for a few days or weeks until you recover your bearing. Or two, stay away from the game and look into your poker game and see where you can improve. Let us focus on the second option and line up some poker tips for you:

Your poker life

Do you want to play poker and make it your game where you perform at your best levels during tournaments? Read on then.

Setting goals

Once you know what to do with your love of poker, you need to set your goals. Make sure that you make realistic, measurable, specific, and relevant poker goals.


Setting goals will not get you anywhere unless you act on them. Look at your list and determine what you need to do in order to achieve each of them.


Your body and your brain will function depending on what you feed it. So you have to look into your diet and see factors like the size of your meals, composition, or maybe the timing.


Your body needs to be in good condition. If you are in a better shape, the higher the chances that you can keep up with the demands of the game. You can focus more even if you have long sessions of poker.

Improve your game

Analyze your weakness by reviewing your games as much as possible. Feed your poker hungry brain with wisdom from the masters of the game. Read and watch poker videos when you can. Of course, play a lot of poker and try to maintain your balance so you go home with some winnings at the end each session.

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